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    All Eve's Temple services and treatments can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

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    To remind each and every person I come into contact with that they are divine.



    It is my wish that my clients feel nurtured, restored and listened to during our time together. By using aromatherapy, high quality products and energy healing to unite you with yourself.


    Creating the temple:

    Using beautiful silks, incense, aromatherapy candles, meditation music and loving energy to create a peaceful, nurturing environment in your home. Enjoy being pampered and rejuvenated in your living space.


    Coaching Ethos:

    I believe that everything is sacred, because everyone is divine. It is my hope to act as a mirror, to show people how dazzling they truly are. To embody love in such a way it's the lighthouse showing the ships lost at sea the way home.


    It's an honour to serve you.



  • At Home Services

    All Eve's Temple services and treatments can be experienced

    in the comfort of your own home.

    Holistic Facials

    Available from January 2018

    A tailor made experience based on the energy and intuition of the client and beautician. Working together to guide the treatment to what your body, mind and soul needs in that moment.

    Energy Therapies

    Prices range from £40-150

    Energy therapy is based on the concept of connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our lives found in many holistic healing methods.

    I specialise in the following methods;

    Access Bars®

    Reconnection to Mother Earth

    Spiritual Coaching

    Prices from £50

    Raising your vibration and connection to the Divine within with personalised coaching sessions.

    The essence of the spiritual journey revolves around tapping into spiritual power for overcoming boundaries we place on ourselves, our purpose, and our full potential. Let me guide you.

    1 on 1 coaching sessions and group sessions available.


    Tarot and Treat Yourself

    £15 per person

    Introducing a new party experience. Gather your friends and get some nibbles, smoothing away your winter skin.

    - Mini Facial Workshop - test products and learn how to do your own at home mini facials
    - Individual Tarot Reading - ask the cards for some guidance
    - Gift Bag - some goodies and samples to take home with you!

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  • Founder Jen Skuse

    "I want to show the world how dazzling it truly is."

    Jen is Eve, The Phoenix, Aphrodite and a black coffee drinking, mala bead sporting, tutu wearing goddess!

    Spiritual from a young age it was during her time in South Korea, with the support of the amazing Goddess Network there she was able to come into her own power. Passionate about the sisterhood, Jen knows what it feels like to be loved and lifted by a strong female community.

    From art #thephoenixrisingproject to teaching, she leads from her core values



    So that's the official blurb, but really, who am I?

    Jen's Journey

    This is not my first visit to Mother Gaia, but this is my first time in this body. I've always loved angels since I was a little girl and in Year 3 I heard the Lord's Prayer for the first time. I went straight home to my parents and asked to go to church. My dad took me and the ceremony, the sermon, the hymns - I was hooked! I had my confirmation ceremony and then joined the church band. Over time I realised my love of god and my soul's voice were no longer matching the Christian religion and so I left. I soon forgot about God and went about my life not understanding why I was so deeply unhappy.


    Fast forward through many years and even more bad decisions I found myself traveling the world.


    As I traveled I would find myself fascinated by the way each country and culture worshiped. Their rituals, ceremonies, Gods... Clearly, I was searching for something.


    It was my time in South Korea, through the Goddess Network I found my power. I saw the sisterhood and knew that soon I would rise to the priestess-hood when I was called.


    That year through creative, artistic expression I was able to move through the sadness and pain I had been holding on to for so long. #thephoenixrisingprojectexhibition 

    Around the time of this project I was gifted my first set of oracle cards. As I held them in my hands, thumbing through the images, I knew this was the tool I would use to talk to God and receive wisdom. The cards were 'Angel Therapy' by Doreen Virtue and from then on, the angels stayed with me. I had open my hands to receive them and they gladly moved forward to stay.


    I heard their guidance, 'Go home, go back to England. You are needed there. It's time.'


    And so here I am, back in the UK, ready to serve.


    Why 'Eve's Temple'?

    Erm... isn't your name Jen? Why isn't it Jen's Temple.

    It all started with a conversation I had with a very wise 7 year old in my care. She was taking bible study and the topic that week was Genesis. We chatted through the creation story as we ate ice cream when she turned to me suddenly and asked "Why were they ashamed?" - what do you mean? I asked. "They were naked before... why were they ashamed now?" and I realised I just couldn't answer her. I knew my own church background had given me several theories; nudity and body shame, shame of vulnerability, shame of being merely human, I could go on but in that moment I felt her curiosity and it peaked my own. I went away and studied creation story and became fascinated with Eve. Our fabled mother, who was she and why did she want that apple, more to the point - why was it so bad she had the apple?

    All of this exploring created a deep connection to the first human woman archetype and her thirst for knowledge. Her awareness of her own divinity.

    She is my guardian, my soul sister, my goddess and my muse.


    The Act of Worship

    I fell in love with the idea of worship - now let me be clear, I don't mean creating false idols or lapping up every celeb gossip magazine I could find - I fell in love with the gift of worship. It was during Eve's Temples first incarnation as an at home facial business that I understood what it was to be so truly grateful to be in the presence of another human being. To kneel before them, creating an atmosphere of love, releasing judgment and just BEING with this person.

    To me everything is sacred, because everyone is divine.

  • Testimonials

    Jessica Marie Berggrun

    Photographer and Video Artist

    “I received my aromatherapy facial in the early evening after a super long, crazy day of work and what a mood changer it was! I was not expecting it to be as nourishing and loving as it was, or that getting a facial could even be like that. I have recieved facials and visited many spas in Korea, but I had never felt so genuinely cared about with such presence. Jenny’s touch of love and care was in the atmosphere, the products, and in her every movement. It was so relaxing, I didn’t want to go immediately. I left not only feeling revitalized after a long day, but I felt like a goddess!”

    Intuitive Facial

    Venus Robertson

    Energy Therapist

    “Even before Jenny’s facial treatment began I was excited to receive from her and the process itself didn’t disappoint. Along with her gentle narration of proceedings, she had carefully set the space to be much like my own private temple. The music was right, the lighting was right and it all spoke of relaxation and release. I found the products to work well with my skin and especially the massage to help relax shoulders that I wasn’t even aware were tense. After she was finished I would have quite happily dozed off into a peaceful sleep if it weren’t for the fact that I wanted to be alert enough to tell her how awesome it was! I would recommend Jenny’s service to anyone who is looking for a consciously paced, genuinely nurturing and ultimately relaxing experience. More please!”

    Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

    Life Coach and founder of Your Time to Grow

    "What I loved about working with Jen is that she exudes wisdom and that is contagious. Whether I need support with a big challenge I am wrestling or to bounce a thought around I know that Jen is going to ask me a question, give me a reading or a message that will help. Working with Jen has transformed my thinking and has helped me align my beliefs, spirituality and feminine energy - after a session with her I can hear and feel my inner goddess roar. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings then she is the woman to hold that space for you and guide you through."

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